We are a group of storytellers, who gather together

The emphasis is on folk tales, wonder tales and myths but there’s room for other tales too. The setting and atmosphere is friendly and informal.


How it all started . . .

…and what it’s all about

This group started in 2015 and was formed out of a wish to gather around some ‘practise buddies’ for storytelling (this is the telling of stories in the oral tradition, rather than reading stories).

There are several meetups and venues for autobiographical storytelling but this one focuses on myths, folk, fairy tales and wonder tales.

It’s meant as a resource for storytellers in London (or others passing through) who would like an opportunity to meet up with other tellers and share stories. It’s also a space to practise new stories before putting them out into a performance setting and get some supportive feedback. We also welcome people with an interest traditional stories, who just want to listen, but we do encourage them at some point to join in and tell a story.

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