We meet once a month in North west London

NLTSC meets on the second Thursday of every month in Willesden Green, at the end of the afternoon. The setting and atmosphere are friendly and informal.

Meet our Venues . . .

RSL Collective

This is the venue where we meet regularly for our storytelling circles. RSL Collective is one of the pop-up shops in Willesden Green. It’s a quiet and cosy home.

Address: RSL Collective, 1 Queens Parade Willesden Green London NW2 5HT

Brent Museum and Archives

(located inside The Library at Willesden Green)

From time to time we gather at The Willesden Green Library, where members of the circle have a chance to exercise their storytelling muscles in front of an audience from the general public.

Brent Museum has been collecting material about the history of Brent for over 50 years and it has over 10,000 objects in its collection.

Address: Brent Museum and Archives The Library at Willesden Green, 95 High Road Willesden Green London NW10 2SF

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